YouTube Channels

This site has made an effort to provide travellers with YouTube channels that are worth following before heading out to Scotland. Get some more information about finding accommodation and learn about the traditions and customs.

Good table manners in the Scottish home – National Library of Scotland

This is a short film directed by Stanley Livingstone Russell. The video can be found via the National Library of Scotland channel. It exhibits good table manners in the average Scottish home. This is illustrated by close shots of people eating at home, then behaving well in a variety of social contexts.

This channel features a variety of other customs and ideas that will give visitors some insights as to what to expect when they visit the country.

Visit Scotland – A Guide to Accommodation in Scotland

This is the prime channel to follow for travellers looking for an escape or a new adventure. Here, you will find video clips about delicious new foods and artisan drinks in Scotland. The channel encourages people to travel here for new experiences.

It shows how varied accommodation in Scotland is, with mountains, lochs, and rivers to explore. It shows how visitors can enjoy camping, cosy B&Bs, cottages, and even luxury hotels. There are also budget-friendly options outlined on the channel.

Gerard Butler Teaches You Scottish Slang – Vanity Fair

Fans of the famous Scottish celebrity, Gerard Butler, will find this video extremely likeable. Featured on Vanity Fair, Gerard Butler will help out viewers with some advice when it comes to pronouncing some Scottish terms.

The platform provides viewers with an original mix of intellect and video footage. It explores places, people, and ideas around the world, making it a perfect place to learn more about Scotland and its surroundings. This channel is becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation!

BBC Three – Things Not to Say to Scottish People

BBC Three will make you laugh and think deeply at the same time! This particular video will teach you about what to avoid saying when you visit the Scottish hills and cities. This includes everything from bagpipes to interviews with people from all over Europe.

With all these engaging YouTube channels about Scotland available online, there is no reason to wait! Contact us to learn more about Edinburgh!