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Scotland is one of the most scenic countries in the world. Its people are deeply rooted in its historical background. There are currently over 1500 castles in Scotland alone, with architecture reflecting the country’s history.

The Bonsyde House Hotel brings readers closer to the traditions and customs of Scotland by publishing articles that are informative, updated, and rewarding. Followers on this channel may even scoop up some great deals for accommodation in Edinburgh!

Visitors who are new to Edinburgh do not have to be concerned about finding accommodation in this bustling historic city. Most accommodations are equipped with all the necessary services and amenities to make it a comfortable stay.

There is suitable accommodation for travellers from all walks of life – this includes camping, B&B’s, hotels, and more. Some options may be a little more affordable than others. However, camping may not offer amenities like Wi-Fi or fitness clubs to guests.

Readers here can follow a series of YouTube channels to view video clips of the countryside. There are also a number of helpful reviews that will make the final choice of accommodation a little easier.

There are many Scottish traditions and customs to be aware of. Follow articles here to stay updated on the latest pointers when it comes to taking a stroll through Edinburgh. Visitors may be surprised at how easy it is to strike up a conversation with a local but be sure to avoid a few words or gestures that may be inappropriate.

Find some valuable etiquette rules that may make it easier to make some Scottish friends on your adventure. There are many tips here that will ensure your trip to Edinburgh is a memorable one. The city plays host to a large number of events and attractions that should not be missed.

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