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Etiquette Rules to Follow When Staying in Scotland

Every country has some unwritten laws and conventions that visitors might not be aware of. This is why Bonsyde House Hotel provides readers with a helpful guide to the most prominent etiquette rules when visiting or even planning a wedding in Edinburgh or other parts of Scotland.

Addressing people in Scotland

In Scotland, it has become increasingly popular for people to be addressed by using a first name. This also applies to students attending lectures and when speaking to a professor. When sending an email to make a reservation, it is best to use “Dear” and then add the first name of the person being addressed.

Being a Little More Polite

People in Scotland use the words ‘thank you,’ ‘sorry,’ and ‘please’, quite often! And if it is not even someone’s fault, it is good manners to say ‘sorry.’ Queuing is viewed as respectful and polite. Cutting in line to get nearer the front of the queue is a big no-no.

How to greet someone

Scottish people are quite a little more reserved than most European cultures when it comes to greeting one another. A greeting can be a friendly ‘Hi’ or ‘Good morning.’ They normally only kiss or hug people who are close relatives and friends.

It would therefore be considered very impolite to hug or kiss someone in Scotland that you have barely met. A good friendship takes time and people are normally more accustomed to sharing details about themselves once you ask about details about their city and the weather.

Engaging in Small talk

When meeting someone for the first time, it is not polite to ask personal details about their political beliefs, age, or how much money they earn. It’s best to avoid personal details until a friendship has been well established. However, locals are always open to talking about the area and the weather!

Time is of the Essence

It is never a good idea to be late in Scotland. This is seen as impolite, and you will need a very good excuse to be late for a class or meeting. Always try to arrive a few minutes earlier for meetings or engagements. Inform someone if you will be late.

There may be a few more unwritten social conventions that are not listed in this article. For more information, contact Bonsyde House Hotel.

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