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Scottish Traditions to Follow When Planning a Wedding in Edinburgh

Every country has their unique traditions and conventions that make them stand out. For couples that have decided to hold their wedding in Edinburgh, Scotland, here are some great traditions that can spice up those wedding vows!

The Luckenbooth

This is a brooch that is given as a gift from the groom to the bride prior to the day of the wedding as a show of commitment and love to the marriage. This gift idea has become increasingly popular in recent times.

The Men Wear Kilts

The kilt is one of the most iconic parts of a traditional Scottish formal occasion. Men wearing kilts are arguably most often seen at the occasion of a Scottish wedding. Full Highland Kilt outfits can be hired.

Toast to the Piper

A piper can be hired to perform at a wedding to play for the bride and groom. The bride will then offer the piper a dram, followed by the piper performing a toast to the newlyweds. The groom will then make a toast to the piper.

Drinking whisky from the Quiach

The married couple (after the ceremony) will sip whisky from the Quiach, which is known as the ‘loving cup,’ to toast each other. This is also a symbol of trust between the lovers and bodes a good omen for the marriage.

Heather in the Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet is one of the most familiar features of the wedding. The bouquet holds a wild plant known as heather which grows all across Scotland. The presence of heather at a wedding is also an essential addition to any Scottish wedding.

Bagpipes will be played

Nothing say’s Scottish wedding like hearing the sound of bagpipes being played by a piper in full highland attire. There are many traditional songs from which to choose to bestow some good luck on the ceremony!

Any one of these traditions will make a great addition to any Scottish wedding. Make sure to follow Bonsyde House Hotel!

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